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The PSAT stands for Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. The PSAT is offered only one timeper year. Juniors considering attending a four-year college should take the test. Sophomores are encouraged to take it for practice. The test measures the reading, math, and writing skills that you have developed over the years. You will see how you perform compared to other juniors or sophomores who are also thinking about going on to college. It is also great practice for the SAT, which you will take in the spring of your Junior year.



This test is also the ONE TIME juniors can qualify for the National Merit Scholarship and Recognition program. Being recognized in the National Merit program often means very prestigious, selective schools will be knocking on your door!Sophomores are encouraged to take the test as practice for the qualifying test their Junior year.


Prepare for the test

As with any test, it is wise to take time to prepare or at least become familiar with directions, timing, logistics, etc. Study for the test using 'The Official Student Guide' available in the Career Center..


     -    Sample questions and practice tests are available at


-   To learn about the skills that are tested and to practice questions for each of these skills, go to



Q. "I have been contacted by a test-prep company that promises that I will RAISE my SAT score by over 100 points. It is VERY expensive!

Do these programs really work?

A. Click HERE for an article forwarded to us by the UW Director of Admissions concerning this.


SAT or ACT - What is the Difference? 
Here are some of the factors that make the SAT and ACT very different tests:

The SAT tests vocabulary much more than the ACT.      ACT includes a science reasoning test; SAT does not.

The SAT is not entirely multiple choice.                             The ACT math section includes trigonometry

The SAT has a guessing penalty; the ACT does not.      The ACT tests English grammar; the SAT does not.




- Five sets of questions are available for English and Mathematics; four sets for Reading; seven for Science and sample writing prompts and responses.




SAT Testing

- unless requested by certain schools, sign up for the REASONING TEST 

Inside the Test - Study Guide

FULL Length Practice Test


SAT Practice Tests


OFFICIAL SAT QUESTION OF THE DAY - sent directly to your email

The Khan Academy

The KHAN ACADEMY is a non-profit educational organization and a website providing a high quality education to anyone anywhere. The website supplies free online video tutorials teaching SAT Math prep. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has provided funding for this organization.



March 2 Success is a FREE tool designed to help students in test preparation provided by Petersons
- SAT/ACT Practice Tests and Flashcards
- High School Math and Verbal Skills



The ASVAB test or Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test, is a test that is used in admission to the United States armed forces or for career exploration for high school students. The ASVAB is often administered as part of the ASVAB career exploration program, and is often given in either the tenth, eleventh, or twelfth grade of high school. It will help determine individual strengths and weaknesses needed in various occupations.

ASVAB Test Prep Info

Find out what types of questions are asked.





Thinking about attending Green River or Highline Community College?

You will need to take the COMPASS placement test to determine Math, Reading and Writing placement.

Students should consider taking the COMPASS during their senior year. They may want to take the test more than once in order to achieve a higher score in Math, for example. So, taking it early on will let a student know if he/she will be required to do that. The test is good for 2 years.

Green River COMPASS Link     

Highline COMPASS Link 
On this page you can also find a link to 'Placement Test Practice' for English speakers and Non-native English speakers


COMPASS PRACTICE TEST    Additional Practice site (writing and grammar help)